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Meet Dr. Stephen Banko...

Dr. Stephen Banko is a practicing Shaman, an Energy Healer and a Chiropractor. Originally a native of up-state New York, Dr. Banko has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1983. After obtaining his Associates, Bachelors and Doctorate degree, he opened a chiropractic office in 1992. He maintained a very successful, referral-based practice for over 11 years, working with conditions from aches and pains to cancers to emotional traumas. It was after this period of time that he felt the need to further his studies in energy healing / medicine.

Dr. Banko has always had a strong interest and fascination with energy medicine, and incorporated it into his chiropractic office. He reached a point though, where he knew he was only scratching the surface of his true potential working with energy and knew it was time to take it above and beyond. He consequently took a hiatus from his office setting and pursued studies with a well known energy healer, Jerry Wills. This led Dr. Banko on trips to Peru with Jerry Wills where he worked with Shaman (medicine men) from the Amazon jungle and the Andes Mountains. Dr. Banko has shamanic studies with the Four Winds Society through Dr. Alberto Villoldo (Master Incan Shaman), Jose Luis (Master Incan Shaman) and various Peruvian Shaman.

Shamanic healing and energy healing are Dr Banko's true forte and the main reasons why people come see him. He still performs chiropractic care, for those who want and need that type of treatment program. The most obvious differences when using energy/shaman/chiropractic work together is that most problems that seemingly could never be fixed (physical and emotional) can now be helped, resolved and/or eliminated.

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Dr. Stephen Banko
Dr Stephen J. Banko
Shaman / Energy Healer / Chiropractor


Dr. Stephen J. Banko, Shaman, Energy Healer, Chiropractor

Dr Stephen J. Banko and Shaman


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