Southern Jungle of Peru at the Tambopata National Reserve

This picture was taken in the southern jungle of Peru at the Tambopata National Reserve.  It is a large protected area where no hunting is allowed.  So free to roam are juaguar, puma, bushmasters, anaconda, tapirs, etc .  There was a small make-shift bench on the edge of the riverbed about 50-60 feet above the water. This is where I would sit and just listen to nothing but the musical sounds of the rainforest. I always tell people that Peru is a magical place.  Sitting in the middle of the rainforest overlooking a tributary to the amazon river, completely cut off from civilization as we know it, a world of it’s own, is a magical place.  My most special moment over- looking this river was around midnight one evening.  My great friend Tim had joined me this trip and we decided to journey from our hut at night to the river’s edge. We sat on the bench overlooking the river.  Occasionally we would talk.  Mostly we just sat there, taking everything in.  Off in the distance over the river to the left was a thunderstorm what would illuminate the water’s surface with lightning. Over to the right was a waning moon doing the same.  Surrounding us were the harmonic voices of the nighttime jungle.  We didn’t want to leave.  Well over an hour had passed by before we looked at each other and realized that it was actually feeding time for jaguars and anacondas and other predators.  That maybe it was time to head back to the safety of our hut.

Hello Everyone! Dr. Banko here. 🙂

Hello Everyone! Dr. Banko here. 🙂 I am always getting requests from people/patients to talk about my travels and experiences to Peru and Bolivia So what I am going to do is create little mini-blogs about just that. This will actually be fun for me because I get to revisit some pretty amazing memories and times! That being said, here we go!

The picture above was taken from my last trip to Bolivia and Peru. I am standing on the shore of lake Umayo, near Puno, Peru. It is hard to tell, but I am standing on the edge of the shore that has a few hundred feet drop off right behind me! The lake itself is at an elevation of approximately 12,500 feet above sea level. The air is very thin at this height and definitely takes some time to acclimate to the thin air. They area of the lake where I am is called Sullustani. It is a pre-Incan burial ground on the shores of this lake. The tombs are actually built above ground shaped like towers. Aside from being a burial ground, sitting on the rocky cliff and contemplating/meditating over the sacred lake feels like you are in a different world. You cant escape the peace and beauty.