Nutritional Advise

By Dr. Stephen J. Banko

Nutrition can play a big part in the healing process. Even if we are eating nothing but organic fruits and vegetables, we still can’t get all of the nutrients required for normal health. Our government actually deemed the U.S. soils minerally deficient since the 1940s. That means that the fruits and vegetables that are grown in these soils are only as potent with vitamins and minerals as the soil itself. Bottom line is that every one of us should be on some sort of vitamin/mineral supplementation.

I see a lot of people with very chronic conditions. Often times it dramatically helps to have the nutritional building blocks to rejuvenate and regenerate the different organ systems or neuromusculoskeletal dysfunctions. The use of Applied Kinesiology (the art of muscle testing) makes it easy to determine what nutrition is needed to expedite the healing process.

Nutrition counseling is also very important in any type of weight reduction program. Often times our bodies are so bogged down with accumulated toxins from the foods we eat, what we drink, what we breathe, that organ systems can no longer function optimally and become sluggish. This ultimately leads to varying degrees of weight gain. A Detoxification Program is usually ideal at this point. Then add the extreme levels of stress that society creates for us today. One major byproduct of stress on the body is cortisol production. Cortisol does a phenomenal job of storing our calories as fat. This again is where nutrition can play a part in helping to lower the stressors on the body which in turn lowers the body’s cortisol levels and rate of fat storage.

These are just some examples of how important a role proper nutrition plays in the healing process. There are also times where I will refer a patient out for specific blood or salivary analysis to get a good base line on hormonal dysfunction. Nutritional counseling is very individualistic and unique to every patient I work with.


Dr. Steve Banko has helped me permanently reduce a lifetime of acquired and stored personal ‘baggage’. I am free of it in mind, body, and soul of things that burdened, exhausted, and both harmed and hurt me & things that I couldn’t eradicate. Dr. Banko has a rare gift of healing!

Mike W.

I believe that Dr. Steve Banko truly is one of God’s healers on earth. Only through God, can our emotional ‘œbaggage’ be removed so we can live our lives in the way He planned. Thank you, Dr. Banko, for submitting your life to becoming one of His conduits.

Nancy W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Banko for the past 10 years, and have many injuries successfully treated where other doctors have failed. I wholeheartedly believe in Dr. Banko’s holistic approach to medical care and healing, and highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in an alternative method of treatment. Thanks Dr. Banko!

Thu Ostrander