Dr. Stephen Banko is a healer in the true sense. I know this from personal experience. He identifies the cause of a medical difficulty and applies appropriate ancient healing principles to affect the cure. The cure is frequently immediate and the treatments are painless and noninvasive.

Robert L. LaunerPhD

I believe that Dr. Steve Banko truly is one of God’s healers on earth. Only through God, can our emotional ‘œbaggage’ be removed so we can live our lives in the way He planned. Thank you, Dr. Banko, for submitting your life to becoming one of His conduits.

Nancy W.

I have been a patient of Dr. Banko’s for the past 10 years, and have many injuries successfully treated where other doctors have failed. I wholeheartedly believe in Dr. Banko’s holistic approach to medical care and healing, and highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in an alternative method of treatment. Thanks Dr. Banko!

Thu Ostrander

I first met Dr. Banko 7 years ago, when I had stress related hives that kept me on antihistamines for months. My regular doctors were at their wits end, but Dr. Banko helped my body come back into balance, and completely eliminated the hives.

This year, my husband, our two boys and I have each have been seeing Dr. Banko. My 8 year old son had been on intensive asthma medication for persistent asthma, the past 4 years, slowing his growth rate, and causing him misery. Every time he made a birthday wish, it was to be free of the asthma.

After working with Dr. Banko for the past few months, he’s almost completely weaned off the asthma meds, and for the first time since having the asthma, his peak flow rates have held strong without the steroids! He’s thrilled, and loves his times with Dr. Banko.

My 13 your old son was struggling with anxiety issues that would present at night – keeping him from sleeping, and causing him tremendous grief. He’d gotten to the point where he was not comfortable sleeping overt at friends’ houses, because he was afraid he’d have anxiety and not have the resources to feel okay again. Since seeing Dr. Banko, this has been completely eliminated. He now enjoys sleep overs, and is brighter in his outlook on life. The anxiety has lost it’s hold on him. He feels more comfortable in his own skin than I’ve ever known him to be.

With both my husband and I, Dr. Banko has brought healing to deep wounds we’d held most of our lives, that we’d come to believe would be with us always. Though we’ve each sought healing for our broken places, nothing we’ve ever done before seemed to get to the root of what was wrong. There would be temporary reprieves and then inevitable setbacks.

The work Dr. Banko has done with us has been nothing short of miraculous. As he says… it’s God who does the work – his job is to facilitate and help move things along.

Dr. Banko has been a vessel through which God has moved in our lives – bringing healing, restoration, peace, and an open door to a more beautiful life than I imagined possible. I’m forever grateful for him, and for the gift that he has to share with us all.

Elizabeth Bellingrath

The discipline of chiropractic is taught to students as a way to manipulate joints in order to restore health to that joint. So all chiropractors can administer adjustments to the physical body. But not all chiropractors practice holistic health. Oh, to be sure they think that because they are trained in a complementary therapy they are practicing “holistic” health. They are not.

One only has to have a single appointment with Dr Banko, DC and most importantly Shaman, to experience the difference. Dr Banko lives his belief that in order to allow healing, the healer must bring his gifts to bear on the entirety of the injured body, soul and spirit before him. And Dr Banko does just that with grace, peace and humility.

I have been the recipient of Stephen’s healing gifts. They bring repair to my physical injuries and help me walk the path of healing. The shaman walks not for himself but for the benefit of others.

If you desire healing come walk with this very gifted shaman. Come let Dr Banko’s hands and his heart bring you wholeness. Just come and be and experience peace.

Dr. Ellen Tinsley

Let’s just say I am truly blessed to be introduced to wonderful people like Stephen. I had many symptoms that were not always recognizable by typical lab tests and conventional medicine. I had been working with holistic physicians and practitioners in energy medicine for the past 20 years. I had been in a car accident in my early 20’s and began my journey in traditional medicine to recover. My desire is truly to get to the root cause of the illness, versus taking a pill to mask a symptom hoping all would go away.

When I met Stephen this past year – I truly was at a point that nothing was working well in my life. I felt as though I was living yet just not in my own ‘skin’. I had read so much about chakras and shamanism but truly had no idea how the ancient healing could truly eradicate negative energies and entities in your physical body and zap all the good energy required to live a full and naturally healthy life.

I went to see Stephen with an open mind – my body, mental energies and my emotional frame of mind seemingly were in a dark tunnel and not able to see the light – in essence I as drained of the good energy to get well. Many changes had occurred recently in my life and family, as well as many of those negative energies that I experienced were connected to a longer period of time and some even from past lives.

Stephen and I went through a spiritual process to extract those toxic energies and entities from body and took me through a journey of illumination where I began to see the light. Stephen worked to strengthen my chakras and the other physical ailments that were causing my body to be sick. We worked together for a very short period of time for all of the changes to manifest positively.

Today, I am well and smiling a lot – (early on I wondered if the other shoe would drop) and look forward to having a healthy natural life going forward. I am truly blessed to have gone through such an enlightening experience. Thank you!


There are doctors and there are healers; Stephen Banko is a healer. There is a divinity that works through this gentle soul to restore health and wholeness to the body, mind and spirit. For me, receiving treatment from Stephen is humbling and restorative, and after each session I feel a sense of well being and peace. If I could fathom what Christ meant when he said ‘Peace be with you’ it would be the peace that I feel after working with Dr. Banko.

Since working with Dr. Banko I am virtually free of migraine headaches. I went from having headaches that lasted anywhere from one week to one month, every month to virtually none at all. He has worked with my daughter since her birth to maintain good health and since December 2006 has been working with her to heal her injuries after a life threatening fall from a horse. Most recently, I witnessed him work on my mother after a devastating and paralyzing stroke; during her treatment my mother told me that she felt God holding her in His hands and healing her broken body. It is humbling.

Marcia L. Cooke

Dr. Steve Banko has helped me permanently reduce a lifetime of acquired and stored personal ‘baggage’. I am free of it in mind, body, and soul of things that burdened, exhausted, and both harmed and hurt me & things that I couldn’t eradicate. Dr. Banko has a rare gift of healing!

Mike W.

I started seeing Dr. Banko 15 years ago for acid reflux. Since then he has helped me with so much more. My husband was sick and terminally ill. Steve helped me through the toughest 2 years of my life. I tell people all the time I am alive today because of him. With his alternative healing method Steve has taught me to focus on what is happening to my body. Many times feelings such as stress, anger, fear, grief, and my personal favorite paralyzed will, can affect us physically. So when I go in for my appointment we get right to the problem and fix it.

My parents, brother and sister have all seen Steve on and off for years. My sister-in-law was telling a friend, ‘Janelle and her brother are all about some Banko’. Steve Banko is the most kind and caring man/doctor I have ever met. He is a healing angel on this earth.

Janelle Shelton